Show Special! Björk!

Everybody should listen to this song, but we feel like it might be sacrilege to suggest that you listen to it without the video. We are going to immediately break that rule by playing it on our show, but you can watch it here. It’s breathtaking. The dress alone took over 800 hours to hand-embroider, but it’s a commanding, massive piece of music. We hope  everyone enjoys it

Soup Phase #1, 9/17

Here’s a link to our first show as Soup Phase. It starts around 6:15 in the soundcloud link, if it doesn’t start there already. Enjoy everyone

We played:
Time To Meet Your God Ariel Pink
Another Weekend Ariel Pink
Bubblegum Dreams Ariel Pink
Time To Live Ariel Pink
The Combine John Maus
Dum Surfer King Krule
Czech One King Krule
Mountainside Deeradorian
On A Highway Animal Collective
Videotape (Bonnaroo ’06) Radiohead
Chocolate Girl Animal Collective
Over Everything Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile
Feels Like Another One Patti LaBelle
Greed, Money, Useless Children Jay Reatard
Send It Up Kanye West
Monkey Trick The Jesus Lizard
Sardaukar Levenbrech Grimes
Clash Cornelius
Essplode Animal Collective
Road Head Japanese Breakfast

Mount Eerie in D.C. / “Tintin In Tibet”

Last Friday Phil Elverum played a show at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in D.C.. It was one of the strangest and most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. The show sold out quickly as the church probably only held around one hundred people, but we all approached the nave with a kind of calm solidarity. When Phil approached the stage, soft spoken, warbling, and sincere as he has always been, he addressed the crowd with a simply apology, “I’m sorry for what you’re all about to hear.. but I think you knew what you were getting yourself in to… okay one-two-three-go ‘Death is real…'”

He went through about half of A Crow Looked At Me before he kind of reset for a minute before sharing a few new songs. They felt like the natural successors to Crow’s devastated, dejected guided stories. The songs still weave disconnected stories of his life and experiences with random observations of nature and kind, but these newer stories feel another year removed from Geneviève’s passing. Their daughter is a kid now, not a baby, and Phil revels in her voice and thoughts as a piece of Geneviève’s. The songs are devastating and beautiful, and probably work as evidence that his “conceptual Emptiness was fun to sing about”/heady black metal phase has passed.

I strongly disagree with music outlets picking Crow up as “one of the best albums of the year,” and if anyone has put out an entirely honest and non-commercial body of work over a legendary (of itself a coded, list-derived moniker) career it’s been Phil Elverum. Still, these new songs are some of his most distinct and disarming songwriting. This is one of those new songs, about the beginning of his relationship with Geneviève Castrée.